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Research: VEGAS - Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation

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Design, Calibration, and Installation of Measuring Equipment at the Mineral Springs in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart-Berg
Project manager:Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Koschitzky, AD
Duration:22.11.2000 - 18.7.2001
Funding:Stadt Stuttgart

This project is part of the research area:
Measurement techniques and site investigation


In the framework of hydrological investigations for the high speed train project ABS/NBS (new line / upgraded line) Stuttgart-Augsburg of the DB AG (German Railway) the urgent demand arose to be able to determine the discharge rate of various mineral springs in Stuttgart. The measuring equipment which was needed for that purpose didn’t exist and had to be designed, built, and calibrated. The following mineral springs in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart–Berg were affected:
  • Berger Südquelle
  • Berger Westquelle
  • Berger Quellen (overall discharge at the outlet)
  • Mobile measuring equipment for the springs located in Stuttgart–Berg (Ur,- Süd-, Ost-, West- und Nordquelle)
  • Mombachquelle.
Discharge data are collected by the Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart (Capital City Stuttgart) and are also available to the DB AG and the Federal Railway Authority. The data were needed for the calibration of two complex groundwater flow and transport models which were essential for the evaluation of different construction options and their effects on the very sensitive and valuable mineral water system. The data were also important for monitoring of the mineral springs.