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Compilation and evaluation of redevelopment projects on practical application of land management and land revitalisation of Brownfield Redevelopment Projects (FIGURA Evaluation Matrix)
Project manager:PD Dr.-Ing. Baldur Barczewski
Research assistants:Dr.-Ing. Volker Schrenk, Dipl.-Geoökol.
Duration:1.8.1999 - 30.6.2002

This project is part of the research area:
Brownfield redevelopment and life cycle assessment

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Results of the project:

  • Compile of an extensive data base concerning the practice of brownfield redevelopment in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The contents and structure should base on a very detailed analysis of ascertained case studies with the associated basic conditions before place.
  • Registration of the relevant modules, components and criteria of complete brownfield redevelopment processes
  • Deflection from generally valid statements about the practice of brownfield redevelopment in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Data base contents:
Part I: Information about brownfield- relevant basic conditions as well as approximately 50 concrete case examples, including eight very well investigated case studies. Results of a postal inquiry in further local authorities and experts meetings
Part II: Analysis tools for a specific search and/or filter function to operate with the data from part I (search for catchwords). Valuations of the acquired data as well as a comprehensive brownfield redevelopment encyclopaedia.
Part III: Practice relevant tools for brownfield redevelopment projects in the future:
  • Individually revolving "to-do-lists",
  • Archiving data bases (for documentations, final reports, land registers),
  • Specific searching machine for reference projects (looking after "suitable" projects from part I)
  • Compilation of potential generally accepted criteria in brownfield redevelopment.

Under environmental criteria examined projects shows, that the common practice of dig and dump of contaminated material contain a perspicuously impact to the environment while the transportation.

In the autumn of 2002 the project was formally locked. Due to the very time-intensive authorizing/release process of the data by the involved local authorities and interview partners, the project was finally terminated in spring 2004.
A scientific report about the project is available to download.

The data base will be available during the next weeks at the responsible project leader BWPLUS.

Up to this time it can be requested at VEGAS .