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Monitoring of suspended sediment concentrations and grain size distributions during the controlled draining of the Gepatsch Reservoir
Project manager:Stefan Haun, Ph.D.
Deputy:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Wieprecht
Duration:1.12.2015 - 30.6.2016
Funding:TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

This project is part of the research area:
MMM- Monitoring, Measuring and Modelling


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The Gepatsch reservoir is emptied in recurring intervals to enable a functionality check of the hydraulic structures and its installations. The lowering of the water levels and consequently the emptying of the reservoir is conducted in an ecologically sustainable way via the penstock. This procedure enables the opportunity to measure sediment characteristics directly in front of the turbines. This project focuses on the measurement of suspended sediment concentrations and the subsequent grain size distribution by using a LISST-StreamSide. It involves the implementation of the equipment, the monitoring itself and the analysis of the results.