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Research: Dept. of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems

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Re-structuring of the WAREM Preparatory Course "Hydromechanics"
Project manager:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Helmig
Research assistants:Dr.-Ing. Maren Paul
Dr.-Ing. Holger Class
Duration:1.1.2004 - 31.7.2004
Funding:University of Stuttgart


Within the international Master programme WAREM (Water Resources Engineering and Management) preparatory courses of different topics are offered to the students in the winter semester prior to the start of the programme. These courses have the aim to build a common knowledge base and therefore provide a defined starting point for the following courses. They lead to an entrance exam for the actual Master programme.

The Department of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems of the Instiute of Hydraulic Engineering offers the preparatory course "Hydromechanics". So far, this course was held with 6 Semesterstunden (weekly hours per semester) as a presence lecture.

As the WAREM programme has as admission requirements a diploma or bachelor degree, it has been shown in the past that many of the students already have knowledge about hydromechanics.

This is why the preparatory course "Hydromechanics" is now to be re-structured in such a way, that the knowledge transfer follows more a self study arrangement.

The Universität Stuttgart enables us with financial help to work on this project. On the one hand, the compendium and exercises are adapted so that they can be provided as PDF-files. On the other hand, also a didactical revision takes place to better enable an independent study of the material. However, the goal here is not to provide a complete, self-contained self-study course, but to offer a possibility for students who have already knowledge in this field of study to refresh their knowledge.

On the long term it is envisaged to offer the entrance exam not any more in Stuttgart, but to provide a possibility to take this test in the home country of the interested students. In order to be able to provide a preparation also for this case, the restructured "self-study course" can then be used.