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PREVIEW, Prevention, Information and Early Warning
Projektleiter:Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Dr.-Ing. András Bárdossy
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter:Dipl.-Ing. Christian Ebert
Dr.-Ing. Jan Bliefernicht
Projektdauer:1.7.2005 - 30.6.2009
Projektpartner:Around 60 partners from 15 nations. Core team members are: JRC, ECMWF, SRSA, SMHI,FMI, Met Office, Infoterra, BFG, DDSC, Meteo France, CNES, EADS Astrium, SERTIT, DPC, Telespazio, INGV, UNIFI, IRPI and INSA
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Appropriate forecasting of floods is an important issue for risk management for example to provide early flood warnings before a flood event. Together with six national partners the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (IWS) improves an existing flood forecasting system for the German part of the Danube. The objective of the project is to create a new system based on a probabilistic forecast for the next three days which can also be used as a decision support system to manage flood events. The main task of the IWS is to integrate ensemble predictions of a numerical weather forecast model into the flood forecasting system and to transfer this additional information from the hydrological-hydraulic component to the flood extent modeling tool. The flood forecasting system is then tested for the Iller, which is one of the main tributaries of the Danube in Germany.