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EcoPeak- Ecological and Economic Consideration of Hydropeaking on Fish Habitats
Projektleiter:Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Wieprecht
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter:Dr.-Ing. Jeff Tuhtan, M.Sc.
Projektdauer:1.1.2009 - 1.1.2012
Finanzierung:BMBF IPSWaT

Dieses Projekt gehört zum Forschungsschwerpunkt:

MMM - Monitoren, Messen und Modellieren

Publikationen: Link


The goal of the EcoPeak project is to develop a tool which can be used to predict the effects of hydropeaking on a given indicator species (eg. brown trout, grayling) for various life stages. The methodology is based on two computational modules: power plant operations, and fish habitat modeling. Both models are coupled via constraints which represent changes in hydro operations such as the ramping rates, the costs of in-stream mitigation measures, and the results of the fish habitat model. Constraints can be tuned to reflect different decision making scenarios with respect to the economic interests of the power producer and the downstream needs of the natural ecosystem. Thus the trade-offs between power production and ecosystem management at a given power plant can be considered more objectively.