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Selected Topics and International Network Lectures

16:00 Uhr
Prof. Nobuyuki Tamai, Department of Civil Engineering, Kanazawa University, Japan

From density current to basin management

The author will describe typical aspects of his research career in 35 years. The main stream of talk will develop along three main themes. The first theme is "mixing probelems in inland and coastal waters". Under this theme diffusion and dispersion mechnisms in bouyant jets, in random waves, in coastal waters, and in subsurface flow are analysed in a unified manner. The second theme is "river mechanics" in which three dimensional analyses of flow are developed for the flow in a meandering channel, in a compound channel, at a confluence of rivers, and in a compound meandering channel. The third theme is "environmental river eingineering and basin management". In this category amalgamation of hydraulic techniques and ecological information provide basic tool for evaluation of suitability of habitats. For consencus building engineers are requested to develop economical evaluation of assets of nature and decision support system for decision makers at all levels. Through my talk I plan to describe how to find out a direction of deeper understanding of natural phenomena at first. In addition to that I want to mention relationship between research topics and societal concern with environment and water in Japan.