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Selected Topics and International Network Lectures

9:30 Uhr
Rien van Genuchten, George E. Brown, Jr. Salinity Laboratory, USDA-ARS (United States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service)

Integrated modeling of vadose zone flow and transport processes

In this presentation we discuss recent work on modeling variably-saturated flow and contaminant transport in the subsurface at the U. S. Salinity Laboratory and the University of California, Riverside, especially as related to the HYDRUS computer software packages. We especially focus on four areas of research: (1) coupling physical and geochemical processes, (2) simulating colloid and colloid-facilitated transport, (3) integrated modeling of surface and subsurface flow processes, and (4) modeling of preferential flow in the subsurface. The examples show that improved understanding of underlying processes, continued advances in numerical methods, and the introduction of more and more powerful computers permit us to make increasingly more realistic simulations of field-scale flow and transport problems.