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Selected Topics and International Network Lectures

16:00 Uhr
Steffen Ochs
Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodellierung

Steam injection into saturated porous media - process analysis including experimental and numerical investigations

The extensive use of artificial chemicals in industry and the lack of understanding their potential threat to the environment and to human health resulted in substantial soil and groundwater contaminations during the 20th century in many industrialized areas. Sites contaminated by dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL's) turned out to be problematic. The fact that DNAPL's have a higher density than water enables them to migrate below the ground water table causing extensive contaminations in the saturated zone. Conventional remediation techniques show major difficulties in the remediation of DNAPL and induced the development of innovative remediation techniques for such sites. One of the most promising is the injection of steam into the subsurface. This technique has been successfully applied to the remediation of DNAPL contaminations in the unsaturated zone. Today, the application of steam injection for the treatment of contaminations in the saturated zone is in the focus of research interest. Although the physical processes elapsing during steam injection are basically the same either in the saturated and unsaturated zone, there are distinct differences in their relevancy. In the talk the results from experimental and numerical investigations on the spreading behavior of steam fronts in saturated porous media will be presented and discussed.