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Ausbreitungs- und Transportvorgänge in Strömungen II

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LectureAusbreitungs- und Transportvorgänge in Strömungen II
(Environmental Fluid Mechanics II)
LecturerLecture (V):Dr.-Ing. Jennifer Niessner and Prof. (jun.) Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Nowak, M.Sc.
ContactDept. of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems
Prof. (jun.) Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Nowak, M.Sc. (Room: 0.23, Phone: 60113, E-Mail)
WorkloadWS: 2 V + 1 ÜLecture No.V 33740 (672 G) + U 33741
VenueV 9.32Time
Wed. 8:00 - 9:30 (Start: 15. October 2008)
Thu. 8:00 - 9:30 (Start: 23. October 2008)(14-täglich)
DescriptionThe course focuses on heat- and mass-balance processes in aquatic systems. It includes transport mechanism in lakes, open-channel flow, and groundwater, heat- and mass-transfer processes between compartiments or between different phases (sorption, gas exchange, dissolution and precipitation, evaporation, radiation), reactive transformation processes in aquatic systems, and concepts for the quantitative description of the processes considered.
Classification -   - BAU: W1 Hydrosystemmodellierung (7. Sem. Kernf.)
 - BAU: M6 Hydrosystemmodellierung (7. Sem. Kernf.)
 - UMW (Dipl.): V-05 Strömung und Transport in porösen Medien (7. Sem. Kernf.)
 - GEO: Hydrogeologie / Umwelt / Planung