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Ausbreitungs- und Transportvorgänge in Strömungen I

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LectureAusbreitungs- und Transportvorgänge in Strömungen I
(Environmental Fluid Mechanics I)
LecturerLecture (V):Dr.-Ing. Jennifer Niessner
ContactDept. of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems
Dr.-Ing. Jennifer Niessner (Room: 1.010, Phone: 67015, E-Mail)
WorkloadSS: 2 V + 1 ÜLecture No.V 33059 (557 G) + U 33060
VenueV 7.31Time
Thu. 9:45 - 11:15 (Start: 17. April 2008)
Thu. 11:30 - 13:00 (Start: 17. April 2008)
Further informationDownload und Zeitplan jetzt im ILIAS
DescriptionThe course deals with flow processes in natural hydrosystems. Groundwater as well as open water bodies are considered. The part on groundwater hydraulics includes flow in confined, unconfined, and semi-confined aquifers, well hydraulics, pumping tests and other hydraulic investigation techniques, as well as questions of regional groundwater management (groundwater recharge, flow in the vadose zone, salt-water intrusion etc.). The part on open water bodies includes the shallow water equations, transient open-channel flow, turbulence and flow in strongly stratified systems.
Classification -   - BAU: G15 Ausbreitungs- und Transportvorgänge in Strömungen I (6. Sem. )
 - UMW (Dipl.): G-05 Umweltströmungsmechanik und Hydroinformatik (6. Sem. )
 - UMW (B.Sc.-ALT): B-18 Umweltströmungsmechanik II (6. Sem. )
 - GEO: Hydrogeologie / Umwelt / Planung