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(Concepts of Geostatistics)
LecturerLecture (V):Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Dr.-Ing. András Bárdossy
Tutorial (Ü):Faizan Anwar, M.Sc. and  Suroso, M.Sc.
ContactDept. of Hydrology and Geohydrology
Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Schlabing (Room: 0.906, Phone: 69097, E-Mail)
WorkloadSS: 2 VLecture No.28007/330639
VenueV 61.Sem. 1Time
Fri. 9:45 - 11:15 (Start: 08. April 2016)Zusammen im WAREM-Modul "Concepts of Stochastical Modeling and Geostatistics".
Further informationDownloads & Infos on externer Link ILIAS
DescriptionKnowledge of the basic geostatistical concepts, difference between Kriging and simulation, advantages and disadvantages of the discussed methods, application of Kriging and simulation.
Geostatistical procedures for the interpolation of measured values, assessment of model parameters and planning of Measuring networks are dealt with.
  • Introduction
  • Statistical hypotheses:
    Basic concepts; Regionalized variables; Second order stationarity; Intrinsic hypothesis; Comparison of the two hypotheses; Selection of the regionalized variable
  • The variogram:
    The experimental variogram; The theoretical variogram; Variogram models; Variogram fitting; Isotropy — anisotropy
  • Ordinary Kriging:
    Point kriging; Block kriging; Properties of ordinary kriging; Kriging as an interpolator; Kriging and the variogram; Practice of kriging; Selection of the neighbourhood; Kriging with a “false” variogram; Cross validation; Kriging with uncertain data; Simple Kriging
  • Non stationary methods:
    Universal kriging; Intrinsic random functions of order k; External-Drift-Kriging
  • Indicator Kriging:
    Indicator Kriging; Applications
  • Kriging with arbitrary additional information:
    Markov-Bayes-Kriging; Simple Updating (SU)
  • Time dependent variables
  • Simulations:
    Basic definitions; Monte Carlo; Turning Band; Unconditional simulation; Conditional simulation; Sequential Simulation; Simulation using Markov Chains; The Hastings Algorithm; Simulated annealing; Indicator Simulation; Truncated-Gaussian Simulation; Application of simulations
  • Exercises
Classification -   - BAU: K9 Wasserbauwerke (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - BAU: W2 Konstruktiver Wasserbau (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - UMW (Dipl.): V-04 Umweltgerechte Gestaltung von Fließgewässern (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - GEO: Hydrogeologie / Umwelt / Planung 
 - ENWAT:  
 - Weiterbildung:  
 -  532ME Stochastical Modeling and Geostatistics  - WAREM: S1 Groundwater Resources Management and Geohydrology (1. Sem. Recom.)