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Integrierte Modellsysteme für die Grundwasserwirtschaft

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LectureIntegrierte Modellsysteme für die Grundwasserwirtschaft
(Integrated Modelling System for Groundwater Management)
LecturerLecture (V):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
Tutorial (Ü):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
ContactDept. of Hydrology and Geohydrology
Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger (Room: 0.905, Phone: 67016, E-Mail)
WorkloadSS: 1 V + 1 ÜLecture No.V 29431 (611 G)
VenueV 7a.0.24Time
Tue. 9:45 - 11:15 (Start: 25. April 2006)
DescriptionModern Integrated Modeling Systems need tools for an efficient setup of groundwater models and their integration into decision support systems as well as strategies for the handling of uncertainties.
The course deals with the specific GIS operations needed for the creation of the spatial structure and parameter distributions for groundwater models, the visualization of data and for hydrological modeling with respect to the spatial distribution of recharge and flow accumulation essential for regional models. Specific emphasis is put on the choice of adequate hydrological modeling approaches for local water balances at different data situations. The handling of model uncertainties is addressed by geostatistical methods for the descriptions of spatial parameters and the respective methods for stochastic approaches like Fuzzy Rules, Monte Carlo Simulation and Stochastic Modeling.
Key words are: Design of Geohydrological Data Bases, Visualization of Data Sets, GIS Operations for Groundwater and Hydrological Modeling, Hydrological Modeling Approaches, Geostatistics, Stochastic Modeling, Monte Carlo Methods
Classification -   - BAU: W1 Hydrosystemmodellierung (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - BAU: M6 Hydrosystemmodellierung (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - UMW (Dipl.): V-05 Strömung und Transport in porösen Medien (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - GEO: Hydrogeologie / Umwelt / Planung 
 - :  (1. Sem. Recom.)
 - ENWAT:  
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