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Applikation von Ein- und Mehrphasenmodellen für umweltrelevante und technische Fragestellungen

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LectureApplikation von Ein- und Mehrphasenmodellen für umweltrelevante und technische Fragestellungen
(Application of single-phase and multiphase models to environmental and technical problems)
LecturerLecture (V):Dr.-Ing. Holger Class
ContactDept. of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Kopp, M.Sc. (Room: 1.008, Phone: 64736, E-Mail)
WorkloadSS: 1,5 V + 1,5 ÜLecture No.V 33421 (686 G) + V 33422
VenueV 61.MMLTime
Thu. 13:30 - 15:45 (Start: 17. April 2008)
Further informationDownloads & Infos finden sich in externer Link ILIAS
DescriptionThe application of numerical simulation methods for single-phase and multi-phase flow in porous media will be discussed for several specific problems and exemplified in computer exercises. The theoretical knowledge required will be deepened in order to address specific problems; accordingly, extended numerical algorithms will be introduced, e.g. for multi-component models, non-isothermal systems, primary variable substitution, parameter identification. The examples are predominantly motivated by environmental aspects like pollutant spreading and transport in the subsurface as well as remediation scenarios. Further, some technical applications for porous media flow will be introduced (e.g. paper, fuel-cell).
Classification -   - BAU: W1 Hydrosystemmodellierung (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - BAU: M6 Hydrosystemmodellierung (8. Sem. Ergänzf.)
 - UMW (Dipl.): V-05 Strömung und Transport in porösen Medien (8. Sem. Kernf.)