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Basics of Limnic Ecology

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LehrveranstaltungBasics of Limnic Ecology
DozentVorlesung (V):Dr. rer.nat. Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf
KontaktDr. rer.nat. Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf (Raum: 0.923, Tel: 64739, E-Mail)
Lehrstuhl für Wasserbau und Wassermengenwirtschaft
OrtV 61.Sem. 1Zeit
Mo. 14:00 - 15:30 (Beginn: 09. April 2018)
weitere InfosThis lecture gives insights into morphology and ecological principles of different water bodies (natural / artificial; groundwater, streams, lakes, drinking reservoirs etc).
  • Basic definitions and classifications schemes for a range of aquatic habitats; differences in lotic and stagnant water bodies
  • Abiotic factors and their impact on organisms and habitat: light, temperature, flow regime/turbulence, wind, water level, chemical factors, pH, conductivity, oxygen and nutrients
  • Biotic factors such as competition, prey-predator relations, biological engineering as well as primary and secondary production and decomposition
  • Ecosystem functions such as nutrient recycling, food webs or engineering / sediment stabilisation
  • Challenges for health and safety of water bodies: natural (toxic algae) to human (eutrophication) impacts
  • Strategies to re-establish or support ecological balance, is there an ecological balance?
  • Important methods investigating single abiotic (e.g. oxygen, nutrients) and biotic (e.g. chlorophyll) factors as well as complex interactions on ecological level (e.g. community composition) with implications for water purity will be presented
Zuordnung -  021410205 Limnic Ecology