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Contaminated site remediation and investigation

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LehrveranstaltungContaminated site remediation and investigation
DozentVorlesung (V):Prof. Dr. J A Sander Huisman und Jürgen Braun, Ph.D.
VoraussetzungenRecommended background knowledge:
Basic knowledge in dromechanics/Hydraulics/Multiphase flow corresponding to a lecture with approx. 6-8 ECTS
Recommended module:
Measurements in the water cycle
Inhalt(I) Contaminated site remediation technologies
  • Multi-phase flow considerations
  • On/off site treatment
  • Remediation technologies

  • (II)Non-invasive contaminated site investigations
  • Electromagnetic methods (TDR, GPR)
  • Electrical methods (ERT, SP, SIP)
  • Time-lapse monitoring with geophysics
  • LernzieleThe relevant physical principles of subsurface remediation will be reviewed and key remediation technologies will be introduced and discussed. Non-invasive technologies for characterization and monitoring of contaminated sites will also be introduced and discussed. The overall aim is that students will be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the available remediation and measurement technologies.
    Literatur(I) Selection of learning material for a range of remediation technologies (will be provided).

    (II) Lecture notes. P. V. Sharma, Environmental and engineering geophysics, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997.