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Feldpraktikum Hydrogeologie

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LehrveranstaltungFeldpraktikum Hydrogeologie
DozentVorlesung (V):Dr. rer.nat. Jochen Seidel und Jürgen Braun, Ph.D.
KontaktDr. rer.nat. Jochen Seidel (Raum: 0.948, Tel: 64720, E-Mail)
Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie und Geohydrologie
UmfangSS: 2 V + 1 PVL-Nr.151201 + 151202
OrtV 61.Sem. 2
Horkheim, Gelände
Fr. 14:00 - 17:15 (Beginn: 08. April 2016)Der Kurs beinhaltet einen Theorie- und Laborteil, der zu 8 Terminen zusammengefasst ist sowie ein 2-tägiges Feldpraktikum (Pflichtveranstaltung!) am 25./26. Juni. Weitere Details hierzu beim ersten Vorlesungstermin.
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InhaltThe aim of this course is to demonstrate basic hydrogeological laboratory and field tests in practice as well as the interpretation and presentation of results. A two-day field course takes place at a test site near Heilbronn in the Neckar river valley (Horkheimer Insel) about 60km north of Stuttgart (1 weekend in the beginning July). It comprises a visit to a limestone quarry, an introduction to hydrogeological pre-investigation techniques (general geological site assessment), a pumping test, a tracer test, a borehole dilution test, a geophysical flow log test, levelling, chemical groundwater analysis as well as drilling and borehole sampling. The theoretical knowledge required to understand and analyse the tests and their results is taught in 5 classroom lectures in advance. In addition, several lab experiments and a practical introduction to rock characterisation takes place before going to the field. The field and laboratory tests are carried out in groups of 4 to 8 students and will have to be presented in a report prepared group wise.

Main topics:

  • Rock classification
  • Grain Size Distribution - Sieve- and Hydrometer Analysis
  • Drilling and Borehole Sampling
  • Hydraulic Conductivity Measurement with Permeameter
  • Aquifer Test Analysis, Pumping Test, Slug Test, Transmissivity, Storativity
  • Determination of the Piezometric Surface, Flow Direction and Natural GW-Velocity
  • Tracertests
  • Geophysical Borehole Logging
  • On Site Chemical Ground Water Analysis
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • General Hydrogeology of Fractured and Porous Aquifers, Field Assessment
Zuordnung -  533ME Hydrogeological Investigations