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Geohydrological Modeling I

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LehrveranstaltungGeohydrological Modeling I
DozentVorlesung (V):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
Übung (Ü):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
KontaktDr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger (Raum: 0.905, Tel: 67016, E-Mail)
Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie und Geohydrologie
UmfangSS: 1 V + 1 ÜVL-Nr.645 E
OrtV 7a.0.24Zeit
Mi. 11:30 - 13:00 (Beginn: 26. April 2006)
InhaltThe course deals with the hydrological system "Groundwater". It focuses on the description and calculation of groundwater flow with an emphasis on modeling techniques for the transfer of natural systems into numerical models. Specific attention is given to the development of conceptual models based on hydrogeological data, the spatial and temporal discretization as well as flow calibration strategies. Aspects of model accuracy and the stability of modeling results are discussed. Exercises on the PC focus on profound understanding and practical applications.
Key words are: Groundwater Flow, Conceptual Model, Numerical Model, Modeling of Natural Systems, Calibration Process, Sensitivity Analysis, Model Verification and Validation.
Zuordnung -   - :  (1. Sem. Recom.)