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Geohydrological Modeling II

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LehrveranstaltungGeohydrological Modeling II
DozentVorlesung (V):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
Übung (Ü):Dr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger
KontaktDr. rer.nat. Johannes Riegger (Raum: 0.905, Tel: 67016, E-Mail)
Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie und Geohydrologie
UmfangWS: 1 V + 1 ÜVL-Nr.647 E
OrtV 7a.0.24Zeit
Di. 9:45 - 11:15 (Beginn: 17. Oktober 2006)
InhaltThe course deals with advanced topics of groundwater flow as well as solute transport. Complex transient conditions and complex spatial structures like coupled layers and 3D cases are addressed and deepened with exercises. For the description of fractured aquifers Double-Porosity-Approaches are introduced. Solute transport including chemical reactions is addressed with exercises on practical applications. Specific emphasis is put on the handling of numerical dispersion and stability. Particle tracking methods (Random Walk, Method of Characteristics) are compared with FD and FE schemes. Supervised exercises on the PC address the adequate spatial and temporal discretization. Within the transport calibration process problems of non-uniqueness and accuracy are discussed.
Key words are: Complex Transient Conditions, 3D-Flow, Double Porosity, Advective and Dispersive Transport, Chemical Reactions, Measurement of Transport Parameters, Transport Calibration
Zuordnung -   - :  (1. Sem. Recom.)