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Bedload transport modeling in Mountain Rivers using 1D-SEDFLOW model and 2D-SISYPHE Model and their comparison
descriptionMountain rivers are special river systems with complex hydro-morphodynamic. Bedload transport as a major controlling parameter in rive morphology is long been an interesting topic for river scientists. Unlike lowland rivers, where their hydro-morphodynamic characteristics have long been studied due their soci-economic importance, mountain rivers are relatively new to hydro-morphodymic science. Several methods and practices have recently been developed to simulate the bedload transport in such rivers, but the efficiency of these models is still improving. The recently developed 1D SEDFLOW model is used to simulate the bedload transport in mountain rivers and is tested in several mountain rivers in Switzerland. The aim of this study is to test the SEDFLOW model for bedload transport for a mountain river in Afghanistan and compare the results with a 2D modeling program (SISYPHE). The same bedload transport method will be used in both models.
start1.5.2016 or later
contactNajibullah Sadid