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Understanding the complex electrical conductivity of sand-clay mixtures
descriptionSpectral induced polarization (SIP) is increasingly important for soil studies. It yields the complex electrical conductivity (σ*), which depends of various textural and physico-chemical soil properties. The presence of clay strongly influences the structure of soil, and thus the hydraulic properties as well as σ*, mainly due to the much larger specific surface area (SSA) of clay minerals compared with other soil constituents. In this MSc project, an already existing but still limited database of SIP measurements on sand-clay mixtures with known textural and physico-chemical properties will be extended. The measurements results will be compared with already published empirical correlations, and can also be used to validate mechanistic models of SIP.

This thesis requires your willingness to come to and work in the Forschungszentrum Jülich for six months.
start1.7.2016 or later
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study course: UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM
type of work:  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis 
contactProf. Dr. J A Sander Huisman