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Influence of Moisture and Temperature on Contaminant Analysis in Air Using a GC-PID
descriptionTo control the contaminants removal during thermally enhanced in-situ remediation processes the state of air quality differs significantly between different sampling points. Humidity and temperature vary and may lead to inacceptable inaccuracy of the mass balance. The influence of sampling ports location (hot side, cold side), the conditioning of the gas samples (washer, dryer, water separation, cooling) will be investigated in the chemical lab as well as during an application at a field site. Based on the experimental results optimization strategies should be suggested.
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start1.8.2016 or later
qualificationsKnowledge and experience in chemical analysis using a gaschromatograph. Measurements and tests in the field at various towns in southern Germany.
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study course: BAU-BSc BAU(M.Sc.) UMW (B.Sc.) UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM WAREM WASTE WASTE
type of work:  Bachelor's thesis  Master's Thesis  Bachelor's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Independent Study  Master's Thesis  Independent Study  Master's Thesis 
contactDipl.-Ing.(FH) Oliver Trötschler