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Systematic comparative studies with respect to the determination of particle sizes in suspensions using static laser diffraction and elec-tro-acoustics
descriptionUsing the available devices in the VEGAS analytical laboratory a systematic investigation of the relevant influencing factors on the result of such measurements is to be performed. Exemplary suspensions of nano- and micro-sized metal particles are to be measured and various preparation steps as well as the influence of additives such as surfactants or viscosifiers are to be studied. In addition, the surface area and the structures of the particles are to be characterised.
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start1.7.2016 or later
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study course: BAU(M.Sc.) UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM WASTE
type of work:  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis 
contactDipl.-Ing. Anke Wiener