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Assessment of the transport behavior of Al and Mg nano-particles in soil using a cascading column setup
descriptionIn an existing experimental setup for column tests the transport of three nano-particles has to be compared (Al, Mg, Magnalium). The tests will be conducted with identical conditions, except for the particles. For one particle the influence of the injection rate will be investigated in more detail.

(The exact work program will be formulated depending on the type of thesis, master or bachelor) Furthermore the master thesis shall comprise evaluation and interpretation of the measurements. Results and conclusions are to be summarized in a concisely written report also including a brief literature review and to be defended in an oral presentation (ca. 30 minutes).

Experiments will be supported by the analytical laboratory of VEGAS and the workshops of the institute.
start1.6.2017 or later
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study course: BAU-BSc BAU(M.Sc.) UMW (B.Sc.) UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM WASTE
type of work:  Bachelor's thesis  Master's Thesis  Bachelor's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis 
contactDr.-Ing. Norbert Klaas, M.Sc.