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Assessment of the reaction behavior of mixtures of nano- and micro-sized iron particles towards PCE in a cascading column setup
descriptionThe EU project NanoRem was focusing on a direct injection of zero-valent metal particle suspensions into the subsurface allowing for source zone and plume treatment of chlorinated hydrocarbons (primarily of tetrachloroethene (PCE)). In the context of this project column tests have been performed to investigate the long-term reaction behavior (PCE degradation plus anaerobic corrosion) under flow-through, and thus field-similar conditions. In order to exploit the results towards practical applications this master thesis shall especially focus on the use of mixtures of nano- and micro-sized particles which turned out to be most promising with regard to degradation performance as well as economics.
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study course: BAU-BSc BAU(M.Sc.) UMW (B.Sc.) UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM WASTE
type of work:  Bachelor's thesis  Master's Thesis  Bachelor's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis  Master's Thesis 
contactDr.-Ing. Norbert Klaas, M.Sc.