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Predicting soil crack properties from the soil shrinkage curve
BeschreibungThe soil shrinkage curve describes the volume decrease of soil material upon drying, and can be used to describe soil cracking. In this master thesis, you will determine the soil shrinkage curve from the ICON core and on-farm sites with different rice cropping system. Results will be compared to images of cracking patterns and associated water content measurements made at the ICON core and on-farm sites. If possible, pedotransfer functions between basic soil properties and parameters of the soil shrinkage curve will be established. A one-month field work period in the Philippines is part of this master thesis. Field work costs will be covered.

This thesis requires your willingness to come to and work in the Forschungszentrum Jülich for six months.
Beginn1.7.2016 oder später
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Studiengang: UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM
Art der Arbeit:  Masterarbeit  Masterarbeit 
KontaktProf. Dr. J A Sander Huisman