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Identifying turbulent flow characteristics using PIV measurements for different packing arrangements of gravel beds
BeschreibungFlow over rough gravel beds is the focus of numerous hydraulic scientists due to its complexity and importance. Several studies have analyzed flow conditions in gravel beds. However, still the role of turbulence for various roughness conditions due to different packing arrangements of the gravel bed is not fully investigated.

The aim of this study is to analyze the characteristics of turbulence in various simplified gravel beds with different packing arrangements using PIV measurements (particle image velocimetry). PIV measurements are a powerful measuring technique allowing to measure two-dimensional flow fields in a high temporal resolution. The student will be first familiarized with the measurement system as well as the pre- and post processing of PIV images. Subsequently, some specific packing arrangements with predefined flow conditions will be assigned for detailed investigations. All experiments will be done in the hydraulic laboratory of the IWS.

The result of this study will lead to a comprehensive understanding of turbulence characteristics due to various packing arrangements.

Study Courses: UMW, BAU, WAREM
Beginn1.2.2017 oder später
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Studiengang: BAU-BSc BAU(M.Sc.) UMW (B.Sc.) UMW (M.Sc.) WAREM
Art der Arbeit:  Bachelorarbeit  Masterarbeit  Bachelorarbeit  Masterarbeit  Masterarbeit 
KontaktM.Sc. Mohammad Assem Mayar