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Enhancement of the software “DLI-Tool” using Microsoft Visual Studio: Integration of mass transfer rates of contaminants during steam-air enhanced remediation processes
BeschreibungThe computer software “DLI-Tool” is used to design a steam-air driven in-situ soil and groundwater remediation. Thermodynamic and hydrodynamic processes are well predicted by the software. However, the contaminant mass removal rates are overestimated using the equilib- rium analytical solution. The results of ongoing experimental studies will lead to a novel experiment-based analytical solution to determine the mass transfer processes. The spreadsheet based solution is to be implemented in the existing software, “DLI-Tool”, to design the steam- air driven soil remediation.
Support, programming skills, development software, and a spreadsheet expressing the analytical solution are provided in the VEGAS facility.
The main tasks will be the enhanced programming of the GUI (graphical user interface) of the “DLI-Tool” and the integration of a spread-sheet based analytical method or a recently developed numerical code to compute the contaminant mass transfer. A new software version is to be published including help function and an enhanced manual.
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Beginn1.7.2018 oder später
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Studiengang: BAU-BSc UMW (B.Sc.) EE
Art der Arbeit:  Bachelorarbeit  Bachelorarbeit  Bachelorarbeit 
KontaktDipl.-Ing.(FH) Oliver Trötschler