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"Modelling Groundwater Flow on the Regional Scale in The Upper Danube Catchment (Germany)"

A groundwater flow model for the Upper Danube catchment (A=77,000km2 at gauge Passau, Germany) has been developed within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project “GLOWA-Danube”. The model is part of the Decision Support System “DANUBIA”, which is comprised of 15 individual yet fully coupled models. Modelling of groundwater flow, using coupled deterministic and hydrological approaches for large catchment areas, brings about several challenges which are unknown or of minor importance on smaller scales. The three main challenges are: Firstly, how to appropriately represent a complex aquifer geometry on a necessarily relatively coarse grid? Secondly, how to include large sub-domains within the model area, which can not be modelled as a layered aquifer system (in the present case represented by the mountainous areas of the Alps)? Thirdly, how to deal with the existence of sub-domains that are characterized by very deep regional groundwater tables? Solutions to these questions and first results are presented.