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"A Large-Scale Water Supply Model for the Upper Danube Catchment (Germany)"

Within the framework of the research project “GLOWA-Danube”, a model of the water supply sector has been developed. GLOWA-Danube (for details see Barthel, Braun & Mauser, this volume) investigates long-term changes in the water cycle of the Upper Danube river basin in light of global environmental change. The Water Supply model forms the link between various physical models determining water quality and availability and several socioeconomic models determining water consumption and demand. Its aim is not only to be able to simulate the present day system of water extraction, treatment and distribution but also its development and change with time. Changes to the water supply system are brought about by decisions influenced by political and economic boundary conditions, changes in water demand or water quality, and advances in technology. Rather than aiming to predict the appearance of the future water supply system in the Danube Basin, the model will be used to evaluate and compare scenario driven simulations based on rule sets defining the behaviour of the different decision makers and stakeholders, which are represented by agents. The model is conceptualised using the object oriented concepts of the Unified Modelling Language UML and implemented in JAVA.