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"The Water Supply Situation of the Alpine Region and its Representation in the Integrated River Basin Management Model DANUBIA"

Within the framework of the research project “GLOWA-Danube”, a model of the water supply sector and a groundwater flow model have been developed. GLOWA-Danube investigates long-term changes in the water cycle of the Upper Danube river basin (Figure 1) in light of global environmental change (for details see Ludwig et al., 2003). Its concrete aim is to build the fully integrated decision support tool “DANUBIA” that comprises 15 individual models covering all major aspects governing the water cycle. The development and integration of the models from the relevant disciplines in DANUBIA constituted the main challenge of the first project phase of GLOWA-Danube (2001-2003). For the direct coupling of these independent models with each other for the purpose of parameter exchange, a uniform rectangular 1x1 km grid was chosen for all models. The alpine regions, covering approximately 30% of the catchment area and contributing about 40% of the total precipitation, evidently play an outstanding role for the water resources of the region. The geologically and geomorphologically complex situation in the alpine region make this part a special challenge in the on going project GLOWA-Danube. It seems therefore to be appropriate to present and discuss the most prominent problems in that region and the concepts being currently developed by the authors.