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"Effects of groundwater density on CO2 migration in the subsurface"

The storage of CO2 in deep saline aquifers is one option for reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and hence mitigating the greenhouse effect and global warming. In the workgroup of Professor Helmig, a program that is capable of simulating the processes that take place when CO2 is injected in the subsurface at depths of 1000 m and more is currently being developed.

In this Independent Study a function for the density of water depending on temperature, pressure, and salinity is taken from the literature. It is implemented into the multiphase simulation program MUFTE_UG and its effects on the CO2 migration in the subsurface are shown by the calculation of test problems.

The work has been conducted using the multiphase simulation program MUFTE_UG. A report has been written with the word processing tool LATEX.