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"Revitalization of an Old Mill in Benningen, Germany"

Energy has been the basic necessity of life throughout the history. For this purpose, humanbeing used his intelligence to get energy from a renewable source, namely water. They constructed wheels which can turn with the power of water, in other words, ‘Mills’.
Nowadays these mills are being useless especially in developed countries such as Germany. If we consider how expensive and how valuable energy is, it is worth trying to get energy from water flowing, instead of doing nothing.
The old mill in Benningen has not been used for the last 20-30 years. Now the idea is the revitalization of this old mill with a modern energy producing structure.
For this purpose, a complete real case study has been conducted from site investigation to final design sketches. Step by step, using engineering judgement, trying to find ways to get the maximum benefit as much as possible and the most important, being respectful to ecological situations.