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"Coupling the HBV Model with Arc GIS: An extension"

Coupling the HBV Model with ArcGIS: An ExtensionThe HBV model (Bergström, 1995), which is a semi-distributed conceptual model, was originally developed at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) and was first applied in the early 1970s. A FORTRAN code for a modified version of the model was written (HBV-IWS) and has been in use at the Institute for Hydraulic Engineering for many years. Recently, also an object oriented VISUAL BASIC version (HBV-IWS-02) of the model was created for the purpose of interaction with ArcGIS and the need to incorporate more spatial information and simplify the set-up and parameter estimation has lead to the development of a set of tools for generating and managing input data in ESRI ArcGIS Desktop. The objective of this Master’s Thesis is to add some missing functionalities so as to improve and enhance this set of tools. In addition, insights into proposed design approaches to some other tools are discussed.