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"Comparison of different approaches for the assessment of extreme"

Big floods in the past years have drawn public attention as to what the possible causes could be. There is a widespread agreement in the scientific community that the magnitude and frequency of occurrence of these floods will increase in a warming world. Higher temperatures cause a shift in the precipitation regime, which leads to a change in the hydrological cycle. To evaluate the influence of these changes on the runoff from a catchment\222s different approaches are carried out in this thesis for the assessment of extreme discharges. Firstly, the HBV model is calibrated using observed meteorological data and is further driven by meteorological data obtained by downscaling them from GCM outputs corresponding to the present climate and future climate scenario. Secondly, a relationship is established between indices of extreme precipitation and extreme discharge. The established relationship is used to investigate the changes in the extreme discharge by applying the relationship for the indices obtained from downscaled precipitation based on GCM outputs. And finally, evaluation of discharge time series using non stationary extreme value statistics is carried out. The objective of this Master\222s Thesis is to compare the changes in the extreme discharges estimated by the three different approaches under climate change.