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"Dam Surveillance and Monitoring in New Zealand"

New Zealand is a country well suited to regenerative energies such as wind, water and geothermal energy and the people there appreciate this opportunity that nature offers them. The high rainfall and its varied topography featuring alpine ranges and coastal plains provide ideal conditions for harnessing the value of water. Thus it is not surprising that approximately 70% of the electrical power generation is from hydro power and there is plenty of potable water from manmade storages. It is a land where dams have a significant role in the life of all New Zealanders.

Like everywhere else this is connected with a certain residual risk that dams involve. This paper will be about the Monitoring and the Surveillance of these dams particularly from the view point of my experience working with DamWatch Services Ltd.

In the second part there will be a more specific look about how it works in the practical way, showing this with two sample dams that are supervised by DamWatch.