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"Using the Danubia Decision Support System to Identify Climate Change Effects on Groundwater Management Perspectives"

Within the GLOWA initiative of the German Ministry of Research and Education, the research project "GLOWA-Danube" aims at the development of new water resource management modelling technologies that integrate natural and socio-economic sciences in assessment of Global Change consequences. For this reason, natural science (meteorology, hydrology, hydro-geology, plant ecology, glaciology, remote sensing, computer science) and socio-economic science (agricultural and environmental economy, environmental psychology and tourism) research groups from different German institutions have developed the decision support system DANUBIA. This decision support system for integrative environmental modelling is based on 16 object-oriented, spatially distributed and raster-based sub-components that represent disciplinary models for the description of the various water related processes. Based on the scenarios of future Global Change, the DANUBIA system models water cycle related processes in order to provide support to decision makers by simulating the impacts of different potential water resources management strategies. The system equally considers the influence of natural changes in the ecosystem, such as climate change, and changes in human behaviour, e.g. changes in land use or water consumption. This paper describes the framework of GLOWA-Danube project and the developed decision support system DANUBIA with a focus on two models developed by the Universitaet Stuttgart. These two sub-models "Groundwater" and "WaterSupply" form together the Groundwater Management complex of DANUBIA and can be used to illustrate the applied concept for integrative modelling of natural and socio-economic phenomena and processes., Some of the results and potential applications just as well as some of the problems, constraints and difficulties in connection with the development of Groundwater Management complex are presented.