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"Sediment management of alpine reservoirs considering ecological aspects"

Under the guidance of the Institute for Hydroscience of the German Armed Forces University 17 partners from Germany (3 partners), Austria (5), Italy (4), Switzerland (4) and Slovenia (1) have gathered in the common project ALPRESERV to work on trans-national strategies of sediment management in alpine reservoirs.

The project mainly aims on the transfer of knowledge, the common search for best practice solutions to reduce the sedimentation of alpine reservoirs or even to reduce the amount of already deposited material. Additional sustainable river basin oriented management plans shall be initiated. Beside a comprehensive conclusion of trans-national knowledge in an own publication series different management concepts will be tested at 7 pilot project sites accompanied by extensive investigations to be able to judge the effectiveness and the impacts on the ecosystems. The studies are sponsored with about 3 Mio Euro throughout a working period of three years as part of the Interreg IIIB Alpine Space Programme of the European Union.

The choice of the pilot actions was governed by the idea to represent the different types of installations in alpine space. Beside high-ranged small reservoirs (Margaritze (A), Tourtemagne (CH) and Forni (I)) bigger reservoirs of the pre-alpine region (Sylvenstein (D), Barcis (I) and Pieve di Cadore (I)) as well as the reservoir of the river runoff power plant Bodendorf (A) were chosen. The measures foreseen within the three year project duration are targeting on the minimization of sediment input, the use of density currents for sluicing, flushing operations, relocation as well as alternative reuse of fine sediment.