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"A model for multiphase flow and transport in porous media including a phenomenological approach to account for deformation - a model concept and its validation within a code intercomparison study"

Multiphase flow processes in unsaturated cohesive soils are often affected by deformation due to swelling and shrinking as a result of varying water contents. This paper presents a model concept which is denoted as `phenomenological' in terms of the processes responsible for soil deformation, since the effects of deformation on the flow and transport are only considered by constitutive relations that allow an adaptation of the hydraulic properties. This model is validated in a detailed intercomparison study with two state-of-the-art models that are capable of explicitly describing the processes relevant for the deformation. A numerical experiment with a state-of-the-art reference model is used to produce `measurement data' for an estimation of the model input parameters of the phenomenological concept using inverse modelling.