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"Evaluation of Sediment Transport Equations and Parameter Sensitivity Analysis Using the SRH-2D Model"

The sediment load of a river is one of the key variables in channel dynamics. Planform pattern, morphology, erosion, deposition and migration of the channel are in a large part determined by the amount of sediment moved by the flow in relation to the water and many engineering applications (i.e. channel stability, reservoir sedimentation, bridge pier scouring) rely on knowledge of the transport processes for design, management and maintenance. In order to analyze these processes the use of different numerical models is indispensable.

SRH-2D is a depth-averaged two-dimensional (2D) numerical model, which can be used for unsteady flow and non-uniform sediment transport in open channels. It is stablished using the finite volume method on a hybrid grid. The sediment transport capacity in this model is computed using four equations which are developed and recommended for different bed conditions, though all are developed based on shear stress approach.

Here the model is tested on an investigation reach in the river Spöl in Switzerland. The model's independence for different grid resolutions of the flow module is analyzed, so that the grid used for the sediment transport can accordingly be adopted. The applicability of the implemented four sediment transport equations for the river reach is evaluated.

The model results show that one of the sediment transport equations developed for sandy river beds, the Engelund and Hansen (1972) equation gives a different result compared to the rest. The other three equations, Parker (1990), Wilcox and Crowe (2003) and Meyer Peter Müller modified by Wong and Parker (2006) give comparably similar and satisfactory results.