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"Validierung eines Kamerasystems zur Bestimmung des Absinkverhaltens biologisch stabilisierter Sedimente"

The present work deals with the determination of the settling characteristics of biostabilized sediments employing a laboratory camera system. Biofilms appear as an oozy coat on the boundary layer between two mediums, for example on river beds. Consisting of microorganisms, the biofilm produces extracellular polymeric substances, which stabilize the biofilm itself and the substrate significantly. Erosion tears the film apart, consequently emerging biologically stabilized sediments, which persist of a biological and possibly a substrate component. To quantify the settling behaviour of biostabilized sediments, improvements and validations of the camera system had to be performed. By measuring the sinking velocity of artificial sediments in the improved settling chamber and comparison to empirical calculations, the analysis of the camera systems software could be validated. An experiment, consisting of the cultivation and erosion of a biofilm followed by the camera system analysis, led to specific settling characteristics of biologically stabilized sediments.