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"An Input Output Approach to Assessing the Influence of Changes in Eutrophication Potential on Estuarine Ecosystems Due to a Tidal Barrage"

Tidal renewable energy can play a prominent role in the generation of CO2 free electricity. However, the operation of tidal renewable energy schemes across an estuary can have significant implications on the aquatic environment. To gain a better understanding of the linkages between tidal energy usage, the eutrophication potential and the estuarine foodweb, a Leontief type input output model of the ecosystem and the surrounding impacts was set up for the Severn Estuary. The ecosystem networks were integrated with models for different tidal energy schemes including, ebb-only and two-way generation. With this combined approach it was possible to study connections between more localized and global effects of tidal energy devices and other influences on the estuary like changes in land use or waste water treatment processes. This can help to reduce negative effects, optimize mitigation measures, improve operation schemes for different tidal power devices as well as help to communicate the variety of linkages to different stakeholders.