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"High resolution measurements of cohesive sediment erosion rates using photogrammetric methods"

Information regarding critical shear stress and erosion rates of cohesive sediments is fundamental worldwide for establishing sustainable sediment management in rivers. However, compared to non-cohesive sediments, the incipient motion of cohesive sediments is more complex, given the large number of interacting physical, chemical and biological parameters. This article describes a novel method to measure erosion rates in laboratory flumes using photogrammetric methods at a high spatial and temporal resolution. In addition, a Vectrino profiler is applied to account for varying Reynolds shear stresses caused by changes in roughness of the sediment surfaces. The results show that the photogrammetric method allows for the detection of erosion volumes smaller than 10 mm³ on a surface of 8000 mm², while the Vectrino profiler proved to be a suitable device to account for the influence of roughness on bed shear stresses.