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"Fixed renewable energy supply using gravity storage: feasibility study "

This Master Thesis will focus on the feasibility of Gravity Storage in tacking the fluctuating power generation by PV or Wind farms in the future energy consumption. The world energy demand is growing radically and the need of renewable energy substitution is critical. Unfortunately, the fluctuating power generation will be a major problem hindering total reliance in renewable energy. When the fluctuating generation becomes the dominant means of generating energy, Medium-term (Daily) large scale storage capacities will be required in order to guarantee the safety of the supply during periods of little or no wind, and during darkness. Furthermore, in the time of excess energy production and less consumption the grids will be overwhelmed with electrical power in need for dissipating the excess energy produced. The innovative idea behind Gravity Storage can be vital and a better solution for fluctuating power supply problems. This study will assess the feasibility of constructing gravity storage (GS) or also known as hydraulic rock storage (HRS) by analyzing the multiple parameters such as location, capacity and environmental impact and in integrating Gravity Storage with PV or wind farms. In addition, to the application and construction of HRS, a further study will be carried out concerning the cost-benefit analysis for implementing and running the Gravity Storage system. A case study is conducted on a site located in southern California, USA where there is a surplus of renewable energy production during off peak season that could operate the gravity storage with cheap cost and to show how the multi-criteria analysis is applied in a real-time scenario selecting the suitable location with the consideration of cost analysis.
Key Words: Energy Leveling, Energy storage, Bulk Energy, Renewables, Environment, Efficiency, Strength, Capacity, Cost, Gravity Storage, Pumped Hydro Storage, Geology, Integration, Sustainable