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"Effects of Upscaling for a Finite-Difference Flow Model"

Being able to predict the changes in the groundwater flow and head due to a certain rate of exploitation or due to various changes in the hydrological cycle is a decisive aspect in the management of one of the most important sources of fresh water. To achieve this goal construction of numerical models is an unavoidable step. For large regional models the size of the computing grid is limited by the computing power and therefore, methods must be found that are able to deal with and optimise the construction of a model on a very coarse grid. This study deals with finite-difference modelling of groundwater flow when being constraint to coarse grids. One-, two- and three-dimensional conceptual models where used to put in evidence, understand and try to solve problems emerging when upscaling the components of a groundwater model: the morphology of the layers, the hydrogeological parameters, different types of boundary conditions (constant-head, wells, rivers, areal recharge, etc.). A case study for the Leutkircher Heide and Aitrachtal aquifer, located in the southeastern part of Baden-Württemberg, was also investigated.