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"Modeling of groundwater contamination with 137Cs in the Chernobyl zone area with special regard to preferential flow"

On April 26, 1986, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) unit 4 exploded during a test of the plant's turbine-generator system resulting in the worst disaster in the history of nuclear power. Ten years later the world community is still trying to assess and deal with the long term economic, environmental, biological impacts of accident. Therefore a study on radioactive groundwater contamination rises. More recently 137Cs and 90Sr of Chernobyl origin were found in the confined aquifers both near the Chernobyl NPP and in other locations, including the Kiev City water intake supplying potable water from Jurassic aquifer of 250-300 m depth. In most cases, on one hand, the hazard from radioactivity to the groundwater resource is neglected since the aquifers are considered as a highly protected water reserve. On the other hand the Chernobyl NPP accident shows how important the radionuclides subsurface water pollution hazard is and therefore cannot be anymore neglected. The seminar is aimed at presenting the groundwater contamination by radioactivity within Kiev conurbation. Not only the hydrogeological condition of Kiev conurbation, the groundwater monitoring, and some factors which may cause the fast migration of radionuclides will be presented, but the distributions of 137Cs and 90Sr concentration in different aquifers as well.