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"A Prototyp Object-Oriented Water Supply Model for the Upper Danube Basin"

The object of this Master thesis is to develop a water supply model using an object oriented approach. The scope of the water supply model lies inside the GLOWA-Danube project, which has as ultimate goal the development of the DANUBIA tool, used to investigate long-term changes in the water cycle of the Upper Danube river basin in light of global climatic change. The aim of this dynamic model is to create a practical management tool for the optimization of water cost and quality in the water supply network. The model should be capable of accounting changes in the water demand and availability as with changes inside the water market.

The idea is to choose a portion of the GLOWA-Danube study area as starting point for the calibration, validation and possible scenario analysis. For this, a limited number of real or fictitious municipalities representing the German portion of the upper Danube basin should be conceptualized. The model will be implemented and tested using JAVA as programming language. The model configuration is divided into static and dynamic parts. The static model part will represent the different classes, objects and associations. Meanwhile the dynamic model will represent the interactions between the different objects, there state and will include activity diagrams.

The thesis includes also research on the characteristics and legal framework of the water supply sector in the German portion of the GLOWA study area, a recompilation of to date previous research in water supply modeling, general modeling technology and planning and management in the water supply sector.