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Vahid Shoarinezhad


Doctoral Student
Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems
Dept. of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management


+49 711 685 69174

Business card (VCF)

Pfaffenwaldring 61
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 0.931

Office Hours

Upon agreement per e-mail.



  1. (Journal-) Articles

    1. Saemian, P., Hosseini-Moghari, S.-M., Fatehi, I., Shoarinezhad, V., Modiri, E., Tourian, M. J., Tang, Q., Nowak, W., Bárdossy, A., & Sneeuw, N. (2021). Comprehensive evaluation of precipitation datasets over Iran. Journal of Hydrology, 603, 1–23.
    2. Shoarinezhad, V., Wieprecht, S., & Haun, S. (2020). Comparison of Local and Global Optimization Methods for Calibration of a 3D Morphodynamic Model of a Curved Channel. Water.
  2. Contributions to anthologies

    1. Shoarinezhad, V., Wieprecht, S., & Haun, S. (2020). Automatic Calibration of a 3D Morphodynamic Numerical Model for Simulating Bed Changes in a 180° Channel Bend. In M. B. Kalinowska, M. M. Mrokowska, & P. M. Rowiński (Eds.), Recent Trends in Environmental Hydraulics, GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences.
  3. Conference papers

    1. Shoarinezhad, V., Wieprecht, S., Kantoush, S., & Haun, S. (2019, April). Numerical analysis of sediment transport in a shallow lozenge-shaped reservoir. EGU General Assembly 2019.
    2. Shoarinezhad, V., & Haun, S. (2018, April). Automated calibration for 3D morphodynamic numerical models. European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018.



      supervised student assignements

      1. 3D Numerical Modelling of Shallow Reservoirs Using SSIIM 2.0 Software. (2018). (Masterarbeit). Universität Stuttgart.
      2. 3D numerical modelling and analysis of bed topography in a 180° bend. (2017). (Masterarbeit). Universität Stuttgart.

      Current research projects



      Pfaffenwaldring 61, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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