German Chapter of InterPore 2020

1st - 2nd October 2020, University of Stuttgart

The German Chapter of InterPore will hold its next assembly from 1st to 2nd October 2020 at the University of Stuttgart. The German Chapter aims to unite people from diverse disciplines who study and work on porous media. The goal of this meeting is to raise awareness of porous-media research in Germany within the community and beyond, providing a national forum for exchange and collaboration.

Topics of the meeting are all matters relating to the study of the huge variety of porous media, from experiments to theory, from academia to industrial applications:

  • Flow and transport in porous media
  • Deformation in porous media
  • Pore-scale modelling and simulation
  • Upscaling and multiscale problems
  • Interfacial phenomena in porous media
  • Computational challenges in porous-media simulation
  • Experimental studies
  • Data-driven modelling and simulations
  • Environmental, biological and technical applications
  • Uncertainty quantification for flow in porous media
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