1. August 2013

X-ray computed microtomography for drop shape analysis and contact angle measurement

1. August 2013
Dr. Maurizio Santini
University of Bergamo
The interaction between an atomized fluid and a solid surface has a great importance in many fields, both in adiabatic conditions and when heat transfer is involved. To investigate the behavior of many drops in contact with a surface, the first step is to study a single one of them and in that, surface wettability is key parameter. Wettability analyses are usually performed by contact angle measurement, in most cases using the sessile drop or captive bubble techniques. Such techniques require optical acquisition of a side view of the drop or bubble, with a series of drawbacks when conventional optics are used, in particular for not uniform, not planar or rough base surfaces. X-ray micro-computed tomography is therefore used to acquire a 3D scan of a drop gently deposited on a surface, with the aim to reconstruct the drop surface and to perform contact angle measurements on true cross-sections of the drop-surface couple. Comparison with contact angle measurements performed on conventional images is performed. The results evidence, that the proposed technique is very promising for surface characterization and to get more accurate and detailed information about wettability characteristics.
Pfaffenwaldring 61, Raum U1.003 (MML), Universität Stuttgart
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